Custom Printed Sign

Design your own custom printed sign, choose your size, what type of material and fixing method and your done.
BUT FIRST, dont forget to choose what material you want us to print the sign on from the top right options boxes
See how to use the sign design tool

Need Just Text ?
  • Just select “Add text” tab to show the text options.
  • Change “Type your text here.” to whatever you need and click "add custom text" to put the text on the custom sign or product
  • Choose a font style that you feel is best for the job
  • Choose a font colour from the colour list
  • The font can be dragged larger or smaller and also can be split onto more or less lines by using the tools around the typed text on on the custom sign or product
  • To add more than one text section, deselect the first one and start again with the new text
Your own custom images
  • Click the “Upload image” tab .
  • Click the other “Upload image” button to choose a custom sign from your own PC
  • To make sure of good quality printing make sure your custom logo or image is good resolution at least 150 dpi.
  • Once the file has uploaded you will see it in the box to the right, you then click on it to add it to the sign/product
  • You can then move , scale, rotate and re size the image until you re happy. Other images can also be added using the upload tab again.