Signs printed with Lightbar Sign Technology

Lightbar sign anti fade system


LIGHTBAR... a revoluntionary way of printing signs fast and hard wearing. The UV light we use for making our safety signs, with the UV solvent ink chemistry means the printer evaporates the solvent almost instantly which means more vibrant colours on the signs and banners, faster printing end despatching as historically the old technology meant you had to wait up to 24 hours for the signs to cure to ensure the minimum shrinkage and best print quality, before finally laminating, packing and sending to customer....NOT anymore.

We are now one of the first in the UK to use LIGHTBAR system to make all of our signs even better and more scratch resistant than before, the colours of the banners and signs are stunning with more ink pigment retained in the sign graphic than evaporating with the solvent. 


The end result means the print now delivers unprecedented levels of scratch and chemical resistancy. the elasticity is also the best around and is UV stable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.



We, like most other companies would laminate our signs to ensure long lasting and scratch resistant signs. Not anymore...LIGHTBAR tm means as soon as the sign is printed it is ready for internal and external use, no need for laminating anymore expect for in the harshest of environments, try it, you wont belive your eyes, we couldnt when we gave it a good old bashing.



Why not?  they come off our machines ready to go, no need to cure or laminate, so as long as we have time for it to roll off, we are good to go, please order before noon for same day despatch or call us.


Give our experts a call today and get virtually any sign or banner custom printed with the very latest technology.


John Boland